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BBQ Bandit

Lang 60 restoration project

This was the condition I bought it... a little rusty and crusty.
(Carried it home until the wheel bearings were checked out)

First phase; the firebox... stripped down.

Repainted... 8 coats of hi temp Rustoleum (after 5 days paint curing - unfired)

Oiled the paint with bacon grease.

New fire grate and charcoal/wood box.

Added a new full width second shelf.

And the sum of the parts = a renewed custom Lang 60 cooking 160 lbs. pork butts [8 over 8].

Smile  Smile

Great job!

Looks Good! Nice job.

Nice job

What materials did you use that held up to the high temperature?  Looking for a paint to refinish my 84 firebox...thanks!


Great job on the restoration.  I like the addition of the full size top rack. That's one upgrade that I'm going to add on my 60 Deluxe. Didn't know that I had the option of ordering a full size top rack when I ordered mine.  I found that out after I received my Lang.

Oh well, it will give my son something to do and hopefully keep him out of trouble.  Rolling Eyes Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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