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BBQ Bandit

Lang 48 Patio mods

Have you ever had a Lang sink in soft grass from its own weight?

Its the one time wishing it wasn't so heavy. Had to add a few new features.

Went to Harbor Freight and bought a few items;
A trailer tongue sleeve.
A 6" drop/5" rise tongue
2" hitch ball receiver
A trailer hitch dolly
2" X 2" X 3' angle iron (not shown)

With a few notched angles and welds... it allows me to raise the left end with the trailer dolly lifting the casters up and clear... increasing the mobilty and less energy required maneuvering the pit.

After it is in a desired location... use the bottom face of the tongue offset with a lightweight jackstand which employs a turn-jack style lifting screw as a point of level.

Once the tongue sleeve was welded at the access end, measured and welded the 2" angle on the opposite end attaching it to the lower frame (front to back).

Gotta love a Lang... its worth it!

That is pretty cool....question...does the back of the sleeve just hang in mid air under the bottom grate?
Midwest Freak

that looks to be a great mod and it would hook up to my John Deere riding lawn mower and a 4 wheeler . Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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