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Lang 36 Deluxe warming box pics/grate size??

I was curious if anyone could tell me how many racks were included in the 36's warming box, and what the dimensions of the racks are?

If anyone has pictures of the warming box, that would be helpful too, as there isn't much info/pics on Langs website about the 36 patio deluxes warming box.

Thank you!
Eddie Z

Not sure of the exact measurements but my 48" is big enough to fit a half foil pan. I want to say the grates are 17x9 and there are 2 of them.

Thanks for the info, The 36's firebox is a little smaller than a 48's, so Im not sure if that means the 36's warming box will be smaller too. I am hoping it will fit 2 half pans it it like the 48.

Anyone own a 36 deluxe that would want to help out? Thanks!!

I have the 36Hybrid Delux, & 2 small pans fit in the Warmer Box with no problems!!!!!!!

Awesome, thanks for the help!

First thing is IM SURE Ben will adjust anything you want on the smoker, shelves wise.
On my 36 Deluxe the box is 24 1/4" tall, 15" wide and 10" deep.
top down to first shelf is 7 1/2"
bottom to grease tray is 6 1/4"
bottom to first shelf is 8 1/4"
bottom to second shelf is 16 1/2"

Don't have pix! hope this helps!
call and ask them if you have questions, they stay VERY busy down there but I found they were ALWAYS will to give you info and try to help!

Great info, Thank you!

What is the distance from the top of the bottom rack, to the bottom of the upper rack? I see there is 7-1/2" of height available on the top rack, just curious how much on the bottom rack.

Since I wont have the vent coming in from the cook chamber into the warming box, do you think it would be beneficial to have the drip pan lowered, so it sits maybe 1/2" above the firebox vent blockoff plate handle? Or possibly lower the drip pan and the lower rack, to give more height on the lower rack?

Just trying to think of ways to optimize the space in the warming box. Your thoughts?

Thanks again for the help!

8 1/2" from bottom shelf to top shelf

Give me a call 901 208 0343 I can text you some pix Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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