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Lang 108 Deluxe tandem


Show off!!!

Show off, that's just wrong!!!  Laughing jk Laughing  That is one nice rig!!!!
Smokin Stevie

Monster Pit


Did u have Ben Custom build that to ur specs ? I didn't think he put tandems on his pits. Looks like a real Tank ! What temp does the warmer box run at ? I had a warmer box on the first pit I bought and instead of warming it ran the same temp as the pit 225-250 not 140 or 150.

Yes, Ben will accommodate you.  Ben will build it anyway you want - if you're nice to him.   Laughing

The warmer usually will run 50 degrees less.  And you can adjust heat in that as well.
Smokin Stevie

Heat Adjustment

How do you keep the heat down being right over the fire ?

I keep the vent in closed and the top vents open.

You can also add firebrick to the floor of the warmer too.
Southern Smoke

Wow thats a rig and a half....nice!!

thank you!  and Ben.  He did a great job on this one - again.

I never feel cramped or feel like I'm gonna run out of room with this one.

If you are thinking of a rig - and you can swing it, go with the next size up.  You won't regret that.  

Once people taste your food - you will be cooking for money - then you'll need that extra space.  Just my experience.

... plus you got the coolest rig at competitions.   Laughing
Smokin Stevie

Next Size Up !

Yep, I know that's right. Was going to buy a 60, ended up with an 84 and there are many days I wish I had the 108. A 108 in the future. Love Champs rig, well done. Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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