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Just ordered a Lang 36" Patio Deluxe!! - Mod opinions?

Well I just got off the phone, placed my order for the 36" Patio Deluxe model. I had the vent into the warming box deleted between the box and the cook chamber, and added the vents from the top of the firebox into the warming box. Im hoping that will help bring up the temps in the warming box, to make the additional space more usable for cooking, rather than holding.

Do you guys think the mod will help the warming box get into the 200-250 degree range? From what I read, the warming box struggles to get up past the 160s in its stock form.

Now for the 8 week (minimum) wait for my new smoker!! I'm excited!!  Laughing

Yea thats going to get you WAY over 250 range. my Deluxe will maintain 240-250 in the smoker and 180-190 in the warmer. Thats slow and low cooking. Ive had the warmer up to 250 easy with the cooker at around 300. close the stack and open the warmer vents and it has to get hotter!

Ok great, that's what I was hoping for. I wanted a place to cook beans, ABT's, brats, etc at 200-375, so It looks like that will be doable!

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