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Just ordered 36 hybrid on wagon wheel cart

I finally pulled the trigger and ordered one!  Got it on cart with damper on top of firebox.  Gonna be 4-6 weeks for delivery and was told they start build in 2 weeks.  Having it shipped to Northern Va area for 400.00.  Gas and lodging would be that so its a no brainer.  Gonna smoke some butts and ribs when I get it!  Anyone use the grill side and how is it compared to a small Weber etc? Curious on what guys think of the grill portion and the warming box.  I plan on cooking in the warmer as well on large cooks since I have the damper in top of firebox.
Eddie Z

I have the warmer box without the damper on top of the fire box so all I use it for is to hang sausage or keep half pans warm. Good call going with the damper and wagon wheel front axle. The steel casters dig into the grass. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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