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Is My Lang 48 Properly Seasoned?

First off, I love my Lang Cooker and have made some pretty good BBQ with it.  However, I don't think I'm getting the flavor that you usually think of when you walk by a BBQ joint and take in those wonderful smells.  I followed the seasoning instructions exactly and keep the cooking area very clean...maybe too clean.  I put all of my meats on racks and place them on cookie sheets.  This keeps all the grease and sauces off of the grate and baffle.  After a year, the cooking area still looks very clean.  Would placing the meats directly on the cooking grate create a better seasoning in the cooker?

The seasoning protects the cooker, but yes I would get rid of the cookie sheets and racks and put the meat right on the grates that came with the cooker. you will get better heat and smoke circulation around the meat for more bark and flavor and I believe it will cook faster and the juices hitting the reverse flow plate will put more flavor in your meat and also give you the BBQ smell you are looking for. The way Ben built it is really easy to clean without the added metal, probably easier than cleaning all of the extra pans. But I must admit I did have to spend a lot of time grinding the welding BB's off of the reverse flow plate before I could use a wide putty knife to clean it easily.

Thank you for the reply.  I will start cooking with the meats directly on the grates.  I just wanted to get some input on the matter before I had to dirty up the cooker.  Sad Forum Index -> Ask for tips on cooking
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