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How to install firebox handle

Broke original firebox handle and just got new one in mail. Does anyone know how to make handle and  locking latch tight and keep bolt from slipping?
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If you don't have access to a welder, then you could try something like a JB Weld to keep thenut from backing off. But not sure how Iit would work with the high heat in the fire box though.

The firebox door does not have to be as tight a fit as the cook chamber door because the fire box is always drawing in fresh air. You could use metal shims to get the fit you want or get very close where it won't lock then file or grind the latch to fit. And if you don't have a welder,try putting on a second jam nut or take a center punch and punch the threads where the nut and threads meet several times.Just my 2 cent worth,hope it helps

Thanks guys,  I'll keep that in mind.  See what I can do.

use a belville washer and a interferance nut, I have changed my damper pinwheels to this and it works great, the spring washer keeps tension and the nuts wont loosen up, got them at Ace Hardware. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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