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How much wood do I need

First time with a stick burner....

Going to order some firewood, question is, how much do  I order and how far does it go?
I can readily get oak, maple and ash. I know ash burns faster, so doesn't last near as long.

Will a face cord last several months for a smoker used twice a week for short  5 hour cooks and maybe 1 twelve hour cook a month?

I know you can never get too much wood as long as it's kept dry, but I wouldn't want to overdo it. 1 face cord? a full cord?
Eddie Z

You will add about a stick of wood every hour or so plus 4-5 to get started. I would go with the oak or maple. Not sure if ash is good for smoking meat. There is a list of what wood and the best use for it on the Lang app.

yeah...from reading thats what I heard...still have no idea how it translates or calculates into a face cord. never ordered wood in my life.
Eddie Z

I believe 120-130 sticks to a 1/2 face cord. I ordered 2 half face cords early July and barely went thru a quarter of it.
Eddie Z

Hope this helps

Eddie, Thanks for the info. Appreciated.
Hope to hear from others as well.
Eddie Z

No problem. It's good to hear of others experience with a Lang.

I ordered about 1.5 face cords 3 months  ago. I smoke once a weekend ... still have over a full face cord.  I split it down to less then coke can size diameter and even cout those in half on the chop saw if cooking at 250 or lower. It really doesn;t burn that much wood but you need to tend to it a lot. Cooking at 350+ does burn though it a bit faster however...
Midwest Freak

i would buy a half cord of hickory or cherry and it runs me $100 but i think that would a good amount to get you started

Thanks for the input. Sounds like  one face cord of mix oak, maple hickory cherry ought to last me awhile. Forum Index -> What type of fuel do you use
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