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How do I keep a clean fire I'm getting black smoke

When I add wood to existing fire I get black smoke and suet on the meat
Eddie Z

Get a good bed of coals going. Use smaller seasoned splits of wood. Add less splits and keep the fire box door open until its well lit. Open your fire box dampers more.

my dampers are open all the way, but i haven't tried keeping the door open i'll try  it . im just lost it's been doing that lately. how small pieces of wood im using about 16 in split oak with no bark
Eddie Z

I split mine so that they're no thicker than a 2x4. You may want to also cut them in half. Is the wood seasoned?

Read the thread in techniques labeled  " Finally discovery a method that worked ". I have tried this and it does work very well. I agree with the other post ,large bed of coals and leave the door open 4 or 5 inches till it gets going.Make sure you are using well seasoned ( dry ) wood. You might try a few practice runs without meat just to get it all figured out .Feel free to keep asking question , lots of good help on here. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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