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Hey Ben and The Gang,

Wasnít sure how to post a testimonial so thought I would merely drop you a quick email. As you know, I picked up my 84 Deluxe a couple weeks ago, just in time for Memorial Day weekend. Seasoning it was a breeze per your instructions and a few tips when I picked it up. It was ready for a variety of meats the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.

Let me start by saying nearly all of my grilling was done using a gas grill and have gotten quite good at. Even the ribs I have done on my gas grill are pretty darn good. I was concerned the wife and kids might not enjoy ribs on my 84 Deluxe but I gotta say, it passed mommaís test and we all know, if momma ainít happy, no one is happy. I had never smoked anything before purchasing my rig. When you say you canít mess it up, you ainít just blowing smoke. We did 2 different kinds of ribs, Boston butt, some chickens and turkey breasts. Put some beans and potatoes in the warming box and HOLY COW, it ALL turned out fantastic.

My in-laws came up for the taste test and we shared some with a couple neighbors. Everyone enjoyed the heck out of everything. One of my neighbors even commented that he usually orders pulled pork from several of the bbq joints in the area and usually has to add some sort of sauce cause it tends to be dry. He said he didnít have to add anything to mine
because it was so tender and juicy. All I did to it was sprinkle some Lawryís Seasoning Salt to the outside and letíer smoke til done. It just fell apart.

All I can say, especially from a smoking virgin, your smoker makes it fool proof and I look forward to sharing some wonderful meals with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and anyone else who wants some good bbq. Hope to share more success stories and photos once I figure out all this fancy computer stuff.

Signed, Greg McGraw(soon to be the areas bbq king), Newberry, Florida Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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