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Here is my Model 60 at Club meeting!

Cooked some Baby Backs, leg quarters, and Brunswick stew all with my Model 60 at our Archery Club Shoot and members meeting. That's one way to get them to show up!! [img]

Smokin Stevie

Stew on Firebox

Doing the stew on the firebox, is it tricky to do ? I'd think it would get too hot. Need to stay right on top of it to keep it stired so it don't STICK.


If you look under the pot, you will see a chain under the pot! Once I get the stew hot, I roll the chain around under the pot and it sets there and simmers all afternoon stirring  every once in a while . The chain was a lucky find the first time I did beans on the fire box, Got to have my chain.

Stew looks great.  Nothing better than stew with a little left over brisket in it  Smile
Smokin Stevie

Nice Ribs !


Those ribs look real good. Did you foil them or just smoke em without foil ? Just curious on how you do it.

Did not use foil on these, first time for me and baby backs! Most of the time I use foil on my spear ribs! Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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