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One Way Skip


Ready to move away from the Weber with the Smokenator. Great inexpensive product but requires way too much time to keep temps somewhat steady. And if bad weather rolls in...forget it.

I've decided on these awesome Lang Smokers. Was thinking of the 36" Hybrid Deluxe but now leaning towards the 48". I realize alot of the decision making is based on personal preference however, is the warmer or char grill really worth the additional costs or just fluff? The Weber does great at grilling. Thoughts????

Thanks, Skip

All in what you need TBH...for me, I went w/bigger BBQ cooker and will use the weber for actual Grilling.
Wood River BBQ Team

Re: Help!

I also use the Weber kettle (22.5) for grilling -- I'm doing scallops tomorrow night. I could use the Lang but it's a lot of bother for 16 scallops. I didn't need the char griller.

In hindsight, I wish I'd have purchased the warmer box. After a couple of months I decided to try to buy the warmer box and install it myself but Ben talked me out of it -- to expensive and to costly to ship. In addition to the box I didn't realize that there was a heavy counter weight required until he pointed it out to me.  

My advise to you is think long and hard as to what your present, and more importantly, you're future needs are going to be and purchase accordingly. I also wish I'd have purchased the removable chimney but I didn't know it was an option at the time I ordered. It would have made covering the unit a lot easier.
Carolina 'Q BBQ Team

Always buy one size bigger then you think you need. That's the advice I was given by a few people before I purchased my Lang. I was originally looking at the 48D, I ended up going with the 60D and I'm sure glad I did.

I have a 36hybrid deluxe I love it, but now I see the 36 stretch I wish I had gone with it. Its the same size as my hybrid just all smoker no chargrill. I've cooked on it about 10times and only had it about 3months and ill tell you the only time ive used the chargrill was to season it. The warmer box does come in handy but I could go without. These smokers are great you can actually grill things that need to be grilled inside the smoker while your smoking without loosing alot of temp Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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