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Smokin Stevie

HELP Smokin Spare Ribs !!!!

I need some advice on smokin pork spare ribs. I'm a babyback man and I'm starting next week smoking meat for a local meat market and they want me to do spares. I've NEVER done them and NEED HELP ! My babyback are PERFECT everytime, rub em and smoke them for about 4.5 hours at 225 degrees and ENJOY ! Any HELP will be GREATLY Appreciated.

Smokin Stevie

Hi Stevie,
Sounds like you have got figured out to me, You can do the same thing for spare ribs as baby back! Some may trim the flap meat off the back, but I leave mine on, more meat!!! Same temp. maybe a little more time, but you know what to look for to tell when ribs are done!
 Have Fun and enjoy!

Here is how I do spares

Every body has their own way. I cook my baby backs @ 250 degrees (that is about where my Lang 60 like to cook at) for three and a half hours. They are perfect every time. No flipping just keep that temp consistant. Now my spares I cook the same way exept they usually go for about 4 and a half to 5 hours. I leave them whole. I don't trim them to st louis style. All I do is remove the membrane and apply the rub. My wife preffers Baby backs. I find that the spares have much more flavor (probably due to the fat content) after they are cooked, I take a steak knife and just wiggle it on the top between the first knuckle and go all the way down the rack. Now they are st louis trimmed. I take the rib tips and put them aside to pick all the meat off and use that meat in my beans in stead of bacon. But to echo what the last guy posted....keep your same procedure and just add a few hours for the spares. Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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