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anyone tried to smoke a cured ham in a lang? Interested in hearing about it !
Wood River BBQ Team

I've cooked a couple of spiral sliced bone in hams on both a Cheapo smoker and my Lang36 -- both produced good results. The hams are fully cooked anyway so there's not much you can do to screw it up. I've tried a few methods - see &

Here's the method that works best for me. Smoker temp between 225 to 235, internal temp is 145 and smoke flavor is cherry. I apply a rub of Dijon mustard and sweet & smokey two hours before the cook. I set the ham flat side down on a grate over a water pan. The cook time is approximately 4 hours but I don't cook by time but by internal temperature.

One hour into the cook I add the cherry smoke chunks and two hours into the cook I place the ham in an alum pan and mop with pinapple juice and then cover with alum foil. At the third hour or 130 degrees, whichever comes first, I open the alum foil and mop with pinapple juice and sprinkle brown sugar. I leave the alum open for the next hour or until the internal temp reaches 145. At 145 degrees internal I remove the hame and let it rest 15 minutes or so before I slice.

Here's why I prefer using a water pan, which I learned from the WSM pitmasters. They add humidity to the cook chamber, level off fluctuation in temp and helps stabilize the smoker temp. Water in the pan absorbs heat and never rises above 212 degrees and this helps keep your smoker temp around 225degrees.Llastly, the water vapors condense on the meat and make it "stickey" allowing smoke to adhere.

Do a google search and see other methods and then develop what works for you.
Midwest Freak

i cooked my first ham two weeks ago and it turned out amazing . i bought a bone in ham {i think the bone adds to the taste} , put on my homemade rub on it , smoked for two hours with a mix of cherry and apple . then i removed the ham  , put it in a foil pan half filled with water , covered it with foil and cooked it for another hour and a half . ham came out tender and not over smoked , it is kinda hard to screw up a ham but i think over smoking could be the only issue .
Midwest Freak

this is pic of how mine came out


looks awesome!! Forum Index -> Recipes
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