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grease drain

mine is already clogged.  any suggestions on how to clean it?

clog drain

open the valve as far as it will go then run a stiff wire up the pipe.
Wood River BBQ Team

Re: grease drain

dsarphie wrote:
mine is already clogged.  any suggestions on how to clean it?

dsarphie: In the event I have this problem, which I haven't yet and to help me avoid it, what do you think caused it to clog in the first place?

I wonder if you closed the drain and poured in boiling hot water and after a few seconds opened the drain if that would help unclog it or maybe a wire bristle bottle cleaner?

I don't know and am just guessing.

The valve it always kept wide open.  It was that crust that builds up on the drip pan.  while I steam clean before and after each cook, I scrap the pan and grease channel after every couple of cooks.  Some it built up in the drain and clogged it.  I got a metal rod and ran it down the drain to unclog it, then shot the hose down the drain.  It worked.  I have the firebox going so it dried out any moisture.

I have a friend with an 84 and a 108 for his restaurants.  He told me that he does basically the same thing, except wire hangar and a pressure washer.

That reminded me of a guy that I met at a competition who was cooking on a Jambo Pit.  He told me that he takes his pit to a car wash once a month to clean it out with a pressure washer.  That's not feasible for me, nor necessary, but this experience has shown me that I need to expand the scope of my cleaning routine.
medic smoker

you can buy a water hose nozzle that just screws on to the end of a garden hose,  that turns a normal garden hose into a high pressure stream of water. They are cheap, seems like something that might suit needs for cleaning out the drain plug.

So what is the correct way to use this valve? Is it supposed to be open all the time? When do you close it? Also how do you dispose of your oily water?

would seem since it's only a foot long, open it up and spray water from a hose down it. unless the grease is made of concrete, it will break up in a few seconds.
I leave mine open all the time. Only time I'd close it is during travel. Otherwise there's a bucket hanging. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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