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Got my new lang - now I have to learn fire control

I just got a new 84 Deluxe and have not used it yet. Have not season it yet. But plan to season it today and cook this weekend on it. My biggest question is if I'm doing a 15 hour cook do I need to give it wood every hour. Is there a way to keep temp and get a little sleep. When I first start the fire I plan to get a nice bed of coals made but I have to find a way I can do long cooks without needing to feed it wood every hour. Ben told me one time that a guy put wood in his and never has to add wood for 4 hours. I plan to do cooks that are all night but it would be cool that I'm not too tired the next day. Even more so when I might do another long cook the next night. I have to find a way. What do you all do. I don't waft to leave and come back and I'm below 250.

Sorry I have nothing, I have to put wood in every half hour to 45 minutes, I have a Komado style cooker  I use for overnight cooks with charcoal. A stick burner like the Lang requires attention and sleepless nights
Wood River BBQ Team

I agree with Animal -- there is no way to "set it and forget it" for a 15 hour cook. A couple of years ago I was part of a BBQ team that I joined to learn the competitive game before I went out on my own but I had to pay my dues and being the last guy in line, my job was fireman. Everyone got to sleep except me. Everyone got to party most of the night except me. That was just the way it was and what was needed to maintain the temperature the pitmaster wanted. The team next o us had their fire go out about 2AM and they never recovered. That's probably not the answer you're looking for but it's the reality of the situation.

Well before I bought this Lang I was more than ready to stay up all night. Ben Lang told me he knows of someone that did it in such a way he was able to sleep for 4 hours without the temp going down. All I know is they must of had a good bed of coals and the vents were just perfect.

I fired the smoker up for the first time tonight. I season it and clean the grill. I put all kinds of wood in there and I'm still working on keeping the temp right. I had the two temps at 250 and 300 and a hour later when I needed to add more wood it was 200 and 250. Not sure why both temps are not the same. I'm thinking right now I did not start with a big enough bed of coals.

you can try Myron Mixon's  Hot and fast method ... surprisingly good results. I cooded a 16+ lb packer in 7 or 8 hours. Forum Index -> Techniques
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