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Got my 36 Hybrid

"Scarlett" was delivered this past Saturday night at 7pm.  Wallace did a great job unloading it in the 100 degree temps.  

I upgraded this unit with stainless steel grills and a front swivel axle with large matching wheels.  It was fairly easy to move this 900 pound beast to the backyard.

I have cooked twice on it.  I grilled and smoked chicken at the same time.  The food was great.  The unit is very easy to cleanout.  The smoker side was surprisingly easy to clean with the large channel for grease to drain.

I have large hands so I need to slide out the top shelves when moving food around.  The drum diameter is 20" on this 36 Hybrid and it's 24" on the 48 Hybrid.  The extra 4 inches would be nice but also would cost $2K more.

Having bought it sight unseen, I am really happy with it.  Thanks to all for taking time to post comments, as I did a lot of research here.

Once I learn how to attach pictures I will post them.  I am still looking for instructions to post 'em.

Enjoy the journey. Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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