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Going to try a Brisket Today!

The Last time I tryed to make a Brisket I think I cooked it to long, it fell apart like pulled pork! It was good to eat but I wanted to make it look like real sliced Brisket.
Here are the starter with a few yard birds for backup!

Smokin D

Do you use a probe to watch temp in meat? If to tender maybe pull at 200.

Yes I always use temp. probes. I think I will pull at 190 and let rest for a while in oven.
Had some Ribs I added after about 2 hours!

Baby Backs

The Yard Birds

And the Brisket

Great looking smoke!!! Thanks for sharing!

Well Looks good, but a little dry to me in spots. Everyone thought it was good.

Raped it in foil for an hour and let rest. than cut.

A little better results over last time, but I think I still need a little more practice.

now THOSE are some bbq pics!!!! looks like yall had a great 4th =-) Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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