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Getting the chamber really hot

What's the hottest anyone has gotten their lang up to? I'm wanting to get good crispy skin on my chicken and I know that it takes a high temp to achieve that. What's the best way to get the temp up really high in a lang? Would it help to leave the door propped open by the latch to allow more air to draw through?
Eddie Z

I had mine close to 500 before. Leave the door wide open and cut back on the vent.

Eddie Z wrote:
I had mine close to 500 before. Leave the door wide open and cut back on the vent.

By vent I'm guessing you mean the exhaust stack, not the intake right? How does leaving the door wide open get the temp up, it seems to me that by doing that, you would be letting all the heat out?

More fuel+more air= more heat.

Right, but I've not been able to get it really hot by just adding more wood and opening the vents, so I didn't know if I was missing something.

I get my smoker up to atleast 300 before I put food on it and it gets easier to do everytime.  Now what I do is:
1. Open all vents and chamber doors (leave smoke stack open all the way never close it unless you're gonna season smoker)

2. Load firebox with as much wood as possible, all the way to the top.
(Lump charcoal, or regular charcoal, which ever you prefer. You can mix wood and charcoal also)

3. Light the fire, keep fire box door open. It is  REALLY important to have a good air flow. To get that air flow you have to turn your fire box towards the direction the wind is blowing. So air can flow through the fire under the drip pan and through the chamber, and out of the smokestack. So  when smoke comes out of the smokestack it should flow away from the fire box.
4. When there is a good flame in the fire box, and all of the wood is starting to burn close the chamber door to the open latch position.

5. When your temp is around 200, then shut the chamber door all the way. The temp will start to climb slowly but surely. Once the temp reaches approximately 250, add 1-3 pieces of wood, depending on the size of your wood.  I split mine around the diameter of a coke can and 6-7 inches in length.  I found by cutting it this size it gets hot quicker.  

6. With the fire box door still open, the temp should climb well above 275-300. As soon as the wood starts to flame, close the fire box door.

7. Just wait, your temp should begin to rise. Once desired temp is reached you can start to choke down your vents.  When you're at a steady temp for 15-20 mins, you can add your food. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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