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Georgia on my mind :)

Getting ready to head out tomorrow morning right after work. Wife driving first leg then I'll finisher off. Spending Sunday doing lil exploring then Monday I get my Lang!!

Mine won't be ready till the end of the month  Sad
Then i'll be making the same trip!

I will be picking my 48 deluxe up July the 1st. Counting the days down...

Shawn, you've been pretty quiet since you got your unit? you posting up any pictures?

Kevin, I posted some on FB smoking meat low and slow. I've been smoking almost everyday. Had a mishap with my Lang which gave me 2weeks off work.. while prepping for seasoning I dropped one bottom rack on my big toe. Sliced it wide open. Few stitches, severed artery and 2 cracked bones. Oh let's not forget a tetnes shot.... plus can't figure out how to load pics on here?. I only use my phone don't really get on laptop..

Ouch! that'll teach ya not to do it in open  toe shoes! lol Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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