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First party

I have a 48 delux. Been cooking for 2months and very comfortable.   I was just asked to do a graduation party for 75/100 people.  How many 8-10 lb pork shoulders should be enough?  Buns?  I am also doing chicken thighs.  Thanks for any help.
Eddie Z

Figure about 1/2lb of pork per person raw weight since you're serving with buns and have another protein. If there's a lot of young kids you can cut back some more.

What Eddie said, I do 1 lb per person raw if it is the only meat, less if there are others like you are doing, It also depends on the age group attending, teens and younger adults eat a lot more, I would rather bump it up a little rather than come up short.

Figure 40% to 50% weight loss after cooking, I have never had a 50% loss but some say they do and 3 ounces cooked meat per bun.  so I it depends how tall you want to pile the meat.

Response to your Post about seeing your smoker

henz73 is very interested in seeing your lang smoker and getting your thoughts on using it.  You expressed a willingness to do so in a reply to the post I put up about a week ago.  If you are still willing, please email me at so we can set something up.  You are the only lang user who has responded.  Thank you.

Pork ammt.

I also have the 48. Awesome!  And have done parties.  I would do three pork butts.  More than enough.  Plus some leftovers,  if you are doing chicken also.  Any sides or apps.?  I allways make enough for stragglers who come late.  Have fun! Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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