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Smokin Stevie

First Chicken Smoked !

Well guy's n gal's I did my first whole chickens last night for a couple customers. Got a text message at Midnight telling me that they were soooooo goooood ! I finally threw on some chicken thighs for my self for supper. OMG, first bite juice ran down my face. I still can't get the skin the way it needs to be. Came all off on first bite. Need help getting BITE through skin just in case I get up enough NERVE to enter a contest again. All in all I'm very HAPPY with my Lang 84 Original. Only REGRET is that I didn't have enough money to buy the 108. I keep building orders each week and the 84 wii SOON be to SMALL. Good problem to have @ ?

Its going to be hard if not impossible to get bite through crispy skin unless you can get the bird over some high heat.  If you just smoke them till done, it isnt going to happen.

Nothing wrong with getting them done on the lang and then crisping the skin on a grill. Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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