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BBQ Bandit

Firebox modification - Lang 84

When working with a charcoal box, the most difficult aspect was pulling out the hot box - and loading up 20 lbs charcoal at a time without getting myself burned then sliding  it back in is more than a slight difficulty. Previously been using a jackstand as a portable pedestal underneath the hot metal box on the Lang 48 and 60. With a bigger fuel demand on a Lang 84...  had to consider a different approach.

From this...

Drawing up a conceptual idea...adding a sliding shelf.  Idea

To this...

The basket is removable and the tray with expanded steel can still be used for wood splits as required.

Props to my local fabricator... he was well fed!  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

Looks great! Pretty snazzy idea!
Papa Mow Mow

That's it!!!!
That's what I been you for......... How much charcoal can it hold and how much burn time do you get ?

Real nice job too!

Very nice job, looks like you are ready to cook. Let us know how it turns out and tell us about the temp stability using the coal basket. Thanks, The Phantom
BBQ Bandit

Phantom wrote:
Very nice job, looks like you are ready to cook. Let us know how it turns out and tell us about the temp stability using the coal basket. Thanks, The Phantom

The basket solves a few problems.

It raises the grates... allowing a higher ash drop by a few inches more than stock. Greatly reduces any complications burning charcoal.

Burning wood:
By leaning splits against the sides of the firebox, allows fire to climb up the sides without obstructions.

Burning charcoal:
The basket will hold 40 lbs charcoal or 16 lbs lump. The basket extends the length of burns between reloads... 2 - 3 hours.
Useful for overnight burns.  

Charcoal is more expensive burning - however do buy in bulk during the summer holidays (Memorial day, July 4th, Labor day) when charcoal is the cheapest on sale.

that looks awesome bandit!
Tom Burns

very you think that something like this would work on a 1st gen 48?  fueling the beast is not always fun, especially in the dark! Crying or Very sad

looks like, with the higher shelf height, it would be easier to get ashes out, too Very Happy

if you are cool with it............i would like to take my lap top to my fabricator and get him to do this.

i love it, great idea.

Wood River BBQ Team

Bandit: I really like your charcoal basket. I wish I had seen it before I took the basket construction path I did (see Techniques - Charcoal Basket for A Lang 36). How has the steel held up so far?
Midwest Freak

that is a great idea , i could see Lang doing this in the future as a add on deal .
Wood River BBQ Team

I think Lang misses the boat on a couple of things -- including the charcoal basket, which one of their competitor (Horizon) sells as an accesssory in their product line. Note: I scaped the charcoal basket I made originally and built anonther one that looks like BBQ BANDIT'S, which is what I should have built in the first place . I'll post pictures later.

I used the original charcoal basket I made only once and it was last Sunday. I cooked a Boston Butt and took it off the smoker at  6:30PM. Monday morning, when I went to clean out the fire box, there were still some hot embers!! The Lang smoker really holds the heat but the charcoal basket is the key.

The other thing Lang should be offering for the smaller 36 units is a BBQ cover. I'd have bought one for my Lang 36.

Actually, they should review the Horizon acessory web site and offer all the stuff they do. It's nickle & dime stuff that's cheap to make and they could sell for double the money.

If you click on the 48 DELUXE on the home page and view the pictures of the firebox, it shows 2 different pictures of a nice charcoal basket?

I wonder if they now offer these as an option? Question
Wood River BBQ Team

Thank you for pointing out the charcoal basket pictures -- I missed them.

The problem is a customer "doesn't know what he doesn't know" and if Lang doesn't list additional items under accessories, other than a thermometer, additional sales $$$ are lost because the customer has no idea what they offer. The idea is to ask Lang -- like ask for what if you don't know what's available.

If you want to see how an accesssory page should be displayed check out Horizon BBQ, which I almost purchased until I stumbled onto Lang. Overall the Lang is a better unit because it's already set up for reverse flow.

I just purchased a Santa Maria style grill, which will be delivered tomorrow, to cook TRI- TIPS, chicken and steak's (all 3 cook well on a Lang but there's nothing like cooking them over a oak fire) and their accessory page  contained a bunch of stuff I additionally purchased, which included a charcoal grate, SS rod screens, hand wheel crank and a BBQ cover.

The above is just my opinon and what do I know as I'm just a country boy living in Tucson, AZ but my background was sales and marketing and I know how to generate extra money after the initial sale. Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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