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Fire in Fire Box!

I know when I first got mine, Ben said coke can size wood is what to use! But I'm hard headed, had to learn 5 or 6 smaller sticks of wood to get a good bed of coals and work from there! Smaller fire lower temp. Bigger fire and more air hotter cooking surface. Fire size makes all the differance.. At least when I'm cooking...


Size does matter.   Laughing

Red, what are you cooking on?

Cooking on!

I have a Model 60! I have had to learn smaller wood, smaller fire in fire box to keep that 250-275 range in the cooker, and the light blue smoke! Don't wont no white smoke......

I stack my wood 'lincoln log style'.  Two logs parallel, then two on top perpendicular to the ones below and so on.

This keeps TONS of air in there - bigger logs are less of a problem.  

On the 60, use wood no larger than your forearm.  84 you can go up to 5-6".  the 108 will take it all.

Now throw a couple big 8"x8" chunks of oak (up to 28" long in the 108's firebox) and it will burn - and cleanly, but it won't be a super hot fire.  Split that same wood in half and you got all the heat you need. Forum Index -> Techniques
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