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Fire Box Paint

I've been using Rust-Oleum High Heat, which is suppose to resist heat up to 1200*. It lasts about 4 cooks and then starts to flake. That's nothing new and just the way it goes with a fire box that's not insulated. I used the 1200* stuff mainly just to get rid of the extra cans I had before I tried something else. I was at Tractor Supply yesterday and saw Rust-Oleum High Heat  up to 2000* . It's not the "other stuff" I intended to use but for $10.00 I thought I'd give it a try. I sanded the fire box and applied 3 thin coats. It doesn't match the finish on the rest of the cooker, where the paint is in perfect condition, but it looks better than the flakey fire box mess I had. The directions suggested a primer but the primer only resist up to 500*. I felt that would defeat the purpose so I skipped the primer.  

The paint has nothing to do with the cooking ability of the Lang but I like my cooker to look nice when people see it.

At one time I even found some of the primer that would go to 2000 degrees at Home Depot but since then I have looked for more of it and could not find it.  You may be able to find someone online to get it from but I have not tried. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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