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Find A Friendly Butcher

Make friends with your butcher!! Every time my butcher cuts me a great piece of meat I fill out a “store thank you card” and he receives a $25 customer service award. Obviously, he takes good care of me.

This picture shows a Choice (Angus) Boneless Rib Eye Roast (3.22 lbs). This cut of meat is my favorite and the tastiest piece of meat I cook.  It’s expensive and easy to ruin if you don’t watch your cooker and internal temperatures. I marinate overnight with veggie oil, Worcestershire, garlic & onion powder and Montreal steak spice. I cook it at 250F using a water pan and mop every 30 minutes. I remove it at about 127F internal and then wrap it in alum foil and place it in a beer cooler and let it rest for 1 hour or more.

Today, part of this meat will be served thin sliced to 6 neighbors on onion rolls with Au Jus, Vadilla onion slices, Dijon mustard, horse radish and COLD BEER from my Kegerator.

Lang Outside Shelving: I was considering SS shelving (I could use alum foil but it looks tacky) so that drippings don’t drip all over my patio but instead I used 12X12 tiles. The SS guy told me that with the Tucson summer sun I could cook eggs on the SS while the tiles will remain cool. I do like the looks of the SS steel shelves but I think he’s right.

Nice picture, I tried this method last weekend using the drip pan with water on an 8.5lb boneless Boston butt @250.Dry rubbed the night before, basted every hour with a store bought oil/vinegar base marinade, foiled at 165, removed at 195 and put in cooler for 1 hour. Pulled the pork and added some pan drippings…. came out great. Forum Index -> Recipes
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