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Feeding Frenzy

Just going to drop you a line and let you know how much I have loved the
Lang 60D, I bought it back in Feb, 2010 and am now in the process of buying
the 84D w/ char grill, I have been smoking for parties, weddings, and just
smoking for people on the weekends, and I have started a "FEEDING FRENZY"
here in Arkansas, and have outgrown the Lang 60D, and have got it sold to a
good friend of mine that is also one of our sales rep here at work. So as
you know I will be heading that way to pick up the new Lang 84D w/ char
grill. These things are amazing, just put food on, and get a good fire going
in it and walk away. How much easier could it?

Here is a short story of the biggest cook I have done with the Lang 60D
since I have bought it. Back in August we did a counter day here at work for
a bunch of plumber's (out customer's thank you to them) we decided to cook
600 chicken wings, and as usual I offered to put up the Lang 60D to the
test, not knowing what the out come would be, always looking for a way to
bring out the Lang, we were going to smoke all of them and then toss them,
then serve them. I got to work early that day to start the smoker and get
everything set up, bout 2-1/2 hours before serving time, we started putting
chicken on, about half way through we found out real quick we was going to
have to start piling wings on top of wings, so we just started throwing in
the wings on top of each other, got them all on and shut the door, now our
temp has fallen to 150 degrees, then the helper started to panic, because
600 ice cold wings might take a bit to warm up, I was getting worried, but
all we did was ramp the fire up and let'em rip.

Glad to say with out opening the door for 2-1/2 hours and a temp running
around 300 degrees, these puppies were done. These were piled 6" deep in
some spots and every one of them was done. Tossed them in the sauce and
everybody was happy, lots of compliments about how well smoked chicken wings
taste, of course we know it's the smoker, but I gladly took the credit. We
only had 35 wings left after it was all said and done.

Looking forward to the Lang 84D w/ Char grill

Thanks again for a great AMERICAN MADE PRODUCT!!!!! Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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