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drain valve

question ? do you run my 60 origanal with the drain valve open or closed i usally run it closed who needs a 2in. phenmona hole  Question

All the way open with a bucket under it for the grease to run out. Keeps the cooker cleaner and eliminates the possibility if a grease fire if it runs over the end of the reverse flow plate.

I leave it closed but clean while hot after each use. My thought process was that the heat rising out of the stack will create a draft and will pull in the colder air from the lower value opening. The question has intrigued me however so I just sent an email to Ben for his thoughts.....

They say to leave it open but gave no reasons why. I syspect it's important for big cooks as the pipe could fill up? Probably not needed on the patio? Next smoke I'm going to measure temperature impact of opening and closing it.  Could be noticable on colder days.

That brass globe valve is around $40 wholesale, it is there for a reason to let grease drain off the reverse flow plate while cooking so you dont have a fire in the cooker when it runs over the end of the reverse flow plate and back to the fire box. It has happened. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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