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Closet Chef

Drain Gap Question

I just got a 48" patio and noticed that steam cleaning water came out both the drain valve as well as a 1" gap where the drain down spout is welded to the tub.  Is this gap normal?  It almost looks like the tub opening was made too big and then not corrected.  Aside from not understanding this gap, I love the quality of the smoker so far - though I've only seasoned it.
Eddie Z

Water shouldn't be  coming out anywhere except for the drain valve. I would look closely at it and report it back to Lang.
smoking smoker

If you got water down under the reverse flow plate, then yes water will come out of the opening. That is what it is there for, to allow any moisture to drain out. The drain pipe with the valve only drains the upper part of the cook chamber.

Yep that is what the gap is for i was told by lang,  they make that gap there on purpose for any water to drain out that gets down below the reverse flow plate.
Closet Chef

Thanks all.  Back to brisket planning. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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