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Cooking Grate Cleaner

Instead of a warming box on my Lang 36 I attached a Santa Maria style Grill on which I cook TRI-TIPS using grill grates (, which have to be cleaned to remain sanitary. I've tried a number of grill cleaning products for my grills (Weber Kettle and gas grill) and none really work that well.

I subscribe to a newsletter from Malcolm Reed ( and he suggested a product called LA's TOTALLY AWESOME GRILL & OVEN CLEANER. It's a 40oz bottle, which DOLLAR TREE sells for $1.00!! My first thought was "yeah, for sure for the cost of $1.00 that will work" but for $1.00 what can I lose, so I bought a bottle.

The instruction say spray & wipe, which I did and it worked -- on one grill grate. The other grill grate was a bit harder -- I sprayed and use a SOS pad. Malcom suggest for really tough grates to spray and soak in a pan or bucket for a couple of hours.

This product worked for me and for the price of $1.00 how can you go wrong.

hi don, I always liked your ideas & suggestions on this forum. very help full. and interesting. but what I like is to get a s.s. wire brush and  literary clean any (burnt on  etc.) while the grill and or the smoker is still hot. then I  take a frozen amour pack of lard (I keep 1 frozen for the bbq) and rotate it back and forth . on the greats  etc. . watch flare ups on grill. no worry on a Lang.  then maybe  wipe with a towel to clean my greats. for the next  q  anyway  hope this helps. keep sharing any info we have.  vincent Forum Index -> Techniques
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