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Cold weather solution

Some folks may think that Tucson, AZ is in the hot desert but the city itself is at 2000í and we live 30 miles north of the city at 4000í. As you can see with the picture of our fountain it gets pretty cold here, which makes it difficult for some BBQ folks here to ďQĒ 12 months a year, as I do, and as a result many donít smoke during the winter. Our altitude, temperature, wind, hail and snow caused winter cooking problems for me with my cheapo offset smoker, which leaked heat and smoke. I, like a lot of pitmasterís who live in cold climates, solved the problem by purchasing a 4X6 WELDING BLANKET from Harbor Freight ($15 with a 25% off coupon). I donít think Iíll need it with the Lang but, as you can see in the event it is needed, it will do the job. For you pitmasterís that live in areas with sustained cold temperature, the WELDING BLANKET may be a help. Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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