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Lang cooker ordered - check
Lang cooker paid for - check
Face cord of oak delivered - Check
Little bit of cherry wood - Check
New picnic table - Check
Redi-Chek digital meat and cooker Thermometer - Check
Meat lifters ordered. - Check
Buy ribs/chicken pork butt  - To do list

Lang Cooker going into production this week - Check

Am I excited? - Check!

Re: Check!

Very nice, I know you are super excited. Which model did you get?

Lang 36" Stretch Patio w/handcart.

Very nice! Be sure to post pics when you get it.

oh for sure. Planning pictures, and videos of seasoning and first cook. Not too many have seen the 36 stretch, so I aim (good or bad) to tell the story.

My order arrived today...found the meat forks that BK BBQ used in all those Lang videos. Also bought a Forchner 12" slicing knife.

The very coolest thing was the thermopen.....opened the box and they included a small bag of Jelly Belly's!!! How great is that? They did not last long!! haha


Lang called me back today. Said cooker would be loaded on truck tomorrow. My wait is almost over. Tuesday will be 9 weeks....been a long wait....but hopefully well worth it.

Once I got the call mine was done I made the 14 hour drive down to get it. I had 2 friends that went for the ride. It was actually a fun 4 day long weekend trip. Really cool meeting Ben, he went over everything on the cooker, answered every question, and gave us a tour of his place.

Cost prohibitive.  Was more in gas to drive than to ship, not to mention two nights in a hotel 18 hour ride one way. and  four days off work would then be lost worth the $$ for me to have it shipped.

For me it was more of a break even going there VS shipping cost. Even if it was a little more it was worth the experience. Being a small business owner I don't get the opportunity to get away much so 4 days away with a couple friends was worth it.
I was looking at the 36 stretch down there, it's a great looking smoker. You're gonna love it

hope so...can't wait...

Sweet....Driver called....cooker will be delivered tomorrow afternoon.  Aggressive driving schedule......
This weekend I'll be " cookin on a Lang...."  Very Happy Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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