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Chargriller/prices and choices to make.....

I have been seriously considering a Lang for my next smoker,even though my Brinkmenn TMLE is not even a year old yet... I'm addicted what can I say and a man can never have to many smokers.... So I have looking at the 36 hybrid but I have not heard to many  good things about the chargriller option. Anyone have an opinion?

I have also thought of the 36 stretch as well. I mainly smoke on the weekends for my small family and some friends. I do bring it to a few holidays were there is about 30-40 people max. I have also considered a 48 patio. I do have the interst in doing a few competitions in the near future. I don't want to be disspointed or have regrets when i make this purchase so I can't go wrong.

I have seen some quotes on here on the stretch for 1800. Is that base or after add on's I have just been going off prices off the website. Are those current? Not really plan on getting many add on's just change out the coasters for 8in wheels and put on a wagon axle.  If you can get the stretch for less than the 48 that it would be the better deal as ther is not much difference. Just seeing if anyone one could help a guy decided and fill in the blanks... Thanks
Eddie Z

If I'm not mistaken the 36" stretch is as long as the 48 but not as big in diameter. I'm not sure if it has a top shelf or not. I have the 48" patio deluxe. If i were to get another one I would get an original either run about or with the wagon wheel axle. I do an annual party for 60-70 people. 3 butts and 2 briskets for the long cook over night then chicken and ribs the next morning. Good luck with your decision!!!

Yeah it's the same length as a 60 but diameter is about 20in Where the 48 is about 24 i think.  it would have same capacity as a 48. It all depends on the cost in the end. If they both cost the same than it don't now. I know you can get the top shelf in a 36 stretch as well. No matter what I get it will have a wagon well axle just don't need a trailer. Thanks for your input. How do you like the 48d? Do you like the warming box?
Eddie Z

The warmer box has limited uses. You can fit 2 half pans for cooking beans or sides in. I've used it to hang sausage in also. It doesn't run as hot as the cook chamber but I've heard of people having a direct damper off the fire box installed.

Interesting. I considered the delux model also but could not justify the warmer box. Now I'm doubting the hybrid model just haven't heard of good reviews of it. Will just stick with the original.

Did it take much of a learning curve with your 48?

I'm a big fan of the 48 patio with the wagon wheel up front.  I find that I cook more on the top rack because I can get an even temp all the way across.  I did not get the warmer box.  When I'd take it to competitions I could put a small pot directly on top to warm up sauces.  If I had the room I would have bought the trailer model.  I don't have the room for a trailer model.  If I did, I'm not sure if I would still have ordered the patio model or gone with a trailer unit.  Where I live, its a pain renting a trailer and then maneuvering the cooker around my house to load it on.  That being said, the patio model is great for my home use.

I have the 36" Hybrid Original on the Wagon Wheel Cart. If I could be granted a "do over" I would purchase the 48" Hybrid on the Wagon Wheel Cart.

I love the Char Grill. Growing up my Dad was always cooking in a Dutch Oven over a camp fire or Charcoal. The Dutch Oven brings a unique flavor to all foods cooked. I'm using the Char Grill on the 36" Hybrid for my Dutch Oven cooking. I remove the top rack allowing multiple ovens on the bottom rack. I also use the Char Grill for things you would typically consider cooking on your Weber.

The do over wish to a 48" Hybrid relates to the fact that owning a Lang brings many new friends that want to enjoy the food and the fun you get from cooking on a Lang. For the two of us the 36" is more than enough but when friends join in I'm looking for a little more grill space.

Most posts to this forum trend toward people wishing they had purchased the larger size. It's often hard to justify the extra $ when you make the first purchase but looking back the extra $ for a larger size would have been well worth it.

The Wagon Wheel Cart is perfect for us. I have a side lot and have the Lang under a Steel Canopy. It's easy to move and for loading into my pickup I have ATV Ramps and a Warn Winch that makes light work of loading the Lang for a road trip. On camping trips my friends are wanting the Char Grill hot all the time for hamburgers, hot dogs and the quick cook BBQ item.

If you don't need the Char Grill then the 36" Stretch on the Wagon Wheel Cart would be a great smoker for you. From your questions and if your shoes I would purchase the 48" Hybrid Original on the Wagon Wheel Cart.

The 36.stretch is 54 inches long and twenty inches wide. It has a full length top shelf. That's the deminsions of the inside.
Eddie Z

The hardest part of learning it is how you place your meat inside of iT and adding sticks to maintain a good bed of coals.
Wood River BBQ Team

Dwilcox38: I can understand the decision making process you're going through -- everyone who has purchased a smoker has to go through it. The lack of Lang comparison data where you could compare unit to unit makes the process difficult.

When you purchased the Brinkmann TMLE was it adequate for your cooking needs -- mostly a small family and some friends? Was it adequate for the 30 or 40 person holiday cook? If it was then get a Lang that is comparable in size. Another thought is heating up a large cook chamber  to cook a small amount of product doesn't make much sense to me. Plus, the fire box is only 1" larger (16X16 vs 17X17) so you have to use more fuel, which is no big deal but is a heat management factor.

In my case, the 36 has worked fine for myself & wife and up to 10 to 12 people, plus it depends on what I'm cooking. I have a Weber 22.5 kettle that I use for chicken. I have a Pit Barell Cooker that I use for ribs. I didn't need the char grill attachment.

I do wish I had added the wagon wheels -- moving a 700* unit over gravel and grass is a pain. After the Lang was delivered I decided I wanted the warming box but it was too late. Turned out I didn't need it because I added a Santa Maria Grill to the fire box -- cooks great tri tip. I should have added SS grates but didn't and that cost me more money after the delivery.

Good luck mate -- whatever decision you make I'm sure you'll be happy with the  Lang you purchase.

For what's its worth, I think that the 48 is the ideal size for family use.  It does not take that long to get up to temp.  If  moderate size family has friends or extended family over, it has more than enough capacity to handle.  I've done competitions on it and it worked great.  If you plan on cooking a pig over 50 lobs, then consider the next size.  Fortunately, I've got access to other cookers if I want to do that, but since I've owned my Lang I have not had the need for it.  If I had the space for a trailer, I'd get a 60 or a 48 for the "just in case moments," but for the backyard use, the 48 is ideal.  I think that the 36 has the potential to have food crammed on top of each other.  That's why I got the 48.

Thanks for all the responses... this may be easier than I thought since the 36 stretch and the 48 are priced the small. Their overall size compared to each other is the pretty much the same. So in the end I may just go with the 48 patio. I think either one would be fine, even the 36 original may work for now but like Ben says buy one to fill your smoking need now and down the road. Thanks again for all the comments, they were all helpful.

One last questions how many of you all went to personally pick yours up? Being from South Dakota it would be a 3k miles road trip. Just curious if it is worth it to go. Or maybe attend the Q-school if it's possible. Any options if they are both worth it.... Thanks

drive 3K miles to pick up a smoker?  No thank you.  Have them deliver.  You can learn how to use the thing by playing around every weekend, watching the videos that have been posted, and talking on this and other boards.
Wood River BBQ Team

dsarphie wrote:
drive 3K miles to pick up a smoker?  No thank you.  Have them deliver.  You can learn how to use the thing by playing around every weekend, watching the videos that have been posted, and talking on this and other boards.

Dwilcox38: I agree with dsarphie -- do the math (gas, food, hotels etc), it just doesn't add up. My shipping cost to Tucson, AZ was around $500 but there are a number of shipping options. One I'd consider, which wasn't available when I bought my rig, is the Lang shipping service. I don't know any details but previous post indicate a high customer satisfaction rate. Maybe some guys that have used the service could comment and help you with the decision.

I'd like to attend the "Lang Q school" but I'm not driving -- I'll fly and rent a car.

After about 3 cooks on your unit you'll be an expert. Experiment with your fuel load for low/slow (225*to 250*) and hot/fast (290* to 300*) and the use of the pinwheels plus the chimney damper and keep a record (it's a new experience and you don't want to forget) of what you've done to control the temp.

I have the 36hybrid delux, i just wish the Lang website would have put a pic of the 48 hybrid delux & the 36 hybrid delux side by side. if i had a do ova it would be the 48, but either way you go, these are sum Helluva Cooking Machines!!!!!!!!! Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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