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Wood River BBQ Team

Charcoal basket For Lang 36

I use the “minion method”, with a combination of lump charcoal and wood. The “minion method” provides me with a longer, steadier and more consistent burn but the fire grate in my Lang 36 makes it a bit difficult. I’ve tried a couple of ways to build the charcoal pile but all were lacking. A charcoal basket is the answer and I was all set to order a custom basket from, which would have cost well over $100 with shipping, when I discovered an easy to make substitute. To see it, google “I call it the 20/20 charcoal basket”. I purchased the expandable metal from Home Depot and bought the $20 piece which is 0.08 thick as opposed to the cheaper ($9 piece which is 0.05 thick) and went to work building the box.  

I built the box to sit on top of the existing fire grate and I wanted to be able to slide it in and out of the fire box so the part I had to be careful of was the fire box door dimension and plus I only wanted it to be about 5” tall. One change I made was I bolted it together using ¼” 20X3/4” SS machine screws and ¼” fender washers. I used 8 screws – 2 in each corner. The hardest part was bending the metal and it isn’t easy. With a hand held small sledge and work gloves (don’t mess with this steel without heavy gloves) I made it work but there has to be an easier way. Maybe some metal workers on this forum have some suggestions.

If a person knew how to weld, which I wish I did, a mate could easily build a good looking box such as one’s made by but a local welding shop in Tucson wanted $65 to build the box and I had to supply the material. Since I wasn’t building a frame for the Mona Lisa I had at it with the sledge!!

I think this charcoal basket will last through many cooks but if it doesn’t I’ll just build another one – I can build 3 for the price of one “yoke up” but I sure like the looks of his product.
Wood River BBQ Team

I haven't had a chance to try the charcoal basket because of the monsoon rains in Tucson, AZ but I'm not happy with it. It will work but it looks crappy.

I wish I had seen the charcoal basket that BBQ Bandit built (see Show Us Your Pictures - Fire Box Modification Lang 84 - 9/25/12) before I took the construction path I did. I think I can duplicate BBQ Bandit's box using      1 1/4"X 1 1/4" angle iron with holes from Ace Hardware (Home Depot sells the stuff but it's 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" and I don't neeed it that big). I need steel with holes (I don't feel like drilling a bunch of attachment holes) so I can bolt it together. I'd rather weld but if the screen burns out I'd just have to unbolt it and add new stuff.

I'll work with what I have for the time being to see if other adjustments need to be made. One other item on BBQ Bandit's mod that I like is front of the basket is lower than the sides. Forum Index -> Techniques
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