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Smokin Stevie

Can't get Temp Even Front to Back

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Picked my New 84 last Monday. Have used it twice now. I oiled and steam cleaned as instructed by Tom at Lang. He told me to put a level on it and raise the front a 1/2 bubble off center and temp would run even front to back. Now workin out that way. Back runs 225-250 and front barely gets to 200. Have tried several different heights for front but no luck.


I'm guessing you are talking about side to side? Fire box to drain end? I have a model 60, and the fire box end is always a little hotter. Just have to watch fire size when Smokin!  I all ways have mine level to about a 1 inch lower on the drain side to hold back on the heat a little, but ha trail an era every one's got to learn what works for them..

I had similar temp issues with my 60 D.  I have kept a log over the past cooks and have found that the enviorment has alot to do with how this cooker maintains temp.  I have found the temp runs a little lower on high humidity days. Also, regardless of what you have been told. WIND affects this cooker. THis cook "draws" heat. If the wind hits the cooker wrong, it will not draw correctly. This usualy can be fixed by roatting the cooker 45 degrees.  I have been in situations where the fire box is completely full and burning hot, but the temp will not ride over 200. Once the cooker is rotated to the wind is not "broad siding", it will start behaving.

Dont get me wrong, I love this cooker. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

You cant beat the surface area to cook on..... Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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