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Can I use the Lang 60D for grilling over charcoal?

Can the Lang 60D be used for grilling? Can carcoal be used in the main chamber or only in the fire box?

I never have.

I have never used charcoal in my cooker only wood, I have heard of others using charcoal in the fire box for cooking.
If you were to put charcoal on the steel plate in the cooking chamber to cook over you have no heat control while cooking and you would have to clean out the cooker and reseason the cooking chamber again.
Just build  a little larger bed of coals and good air flow and you can get it hot enough to grill in the cooking chamber.

The grate is too close to the reverse flow plate to even consider the use of charcoal in the main cooking area, there is maybe 5/8 of an inch on the firebox side, Now you can buy or build a charcoal basket for the firebox for extended cooks or if wood is hard to come buy in your area, you mix wood chunks with the charcoal and use the minion method, you can however get the char-grill add on which is a charcoal pit added on the frame, for doing burgers, steaks and what ever you want to grill. But you can also use the cooking chamber  of the original smoker if you put down the door over the closed latch position , the fire will get a lot hotter and you can pretty much grill in there. Don't let anything stop you from getting a Lang, you wont look back Forum Index -> Ask for tips on cooking
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