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butts on a 48

I am thinking about getting a lang 48 or 60 cant figure out witch on to save for how many butts can u fit on the lower rack of a 48 and how many on a 60
Eddie Z

I believe 8-8lb butts on a 48". Think it says on the website under the specs

it says 10 8# buts but is that both racks ?
Eddie Z

I have a 48 " patio deluxe and have done 2 briskets and 3 10-12# butts at once on the lower rack. If you pack them in right they probably would fit 10

thanks eddie z that gives me some ideas the most I will be cooking for is 20 or 30 people at home holidays would like to get the 60 but I do not have a lot of room so I will have to think about it for a while
Eddie Z

I cook for about 60 but i do a variety of meats and also use other grills if needed

thanks again eddie z the most I will cook for is my m/c club around 60/70 people but that's once or twice a year at the most

get the 60!

I was debating for a year on what size to get. ended up getting the 60 deluxe with a charbroiler on the front. GLAD I DID> It is amazing how many folks want you to cook "their" stuff.
we just did a whole deer just like a whole hog. trotters removed, headless etc.. amazing! Forum Index -> Ask for tips on cooking
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