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burn rate

I know it probably depends on the wood type but on average how much wood would the patio 36 go thru on a 10 hour burn at 250 ...
Eddie Z

Depending on weather conditions, just a guess about 15-20. Plan on adding a piece of wood every 45-60 minutes.

i guess my 2 face cords will hold me for quite a while ... hope it comes soon ... can't wait to do a packer Smile  One more question, we get some cold whether here in Buffalo, a lot of snow ... anybody else deal with smoking in winter weather?
Midwest Freak

just haft to add a little more wood and watch your temps . invest in a good gauge that measures the internal meat temp plus the temp at the grate  .  Smile
dummy que

cold weather

cold weather is no problem  get a wool blanket (got mine at army surplus store 5.00 ) lay blanket on top of cook chamber

A lot of folks use one of these

I live in buffalo and don't have any problem maintaining temps in the winter, use a little more wood however and the smoker is sheltered by a roof and 2 walls ..... Forum Index -> What type of fuel do you use
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