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BBQ Bandit

Brought home another Lang...

Started with a 48 Patio 4 years ago.... ran out of room.

Bought a used 60 mobile (see Lang 60 restoration project).

Ran out of room....

This time, a custom 84 Deluxe Kitchen (one year old). Transport is simplified with a 1 ton winch inside an enclosed trailer... shown behind the Kitchen in the photo.

The 84 Kitchen was modified by the previous owner... worked out the modification and details with a golf cart company and welded into the lower frame... raising the kitchen's caster wheels roughly 3 inches higher to accommodate softer surfaces... allowing the kitchen to maneuver easy on grass. Since the bulk of the kitchen's weight is on the firebox... it is manageable to lift/push the lighter end and pivot/turn on the other end.



Congrats on the New ride I mean smoker! I like those mags. It won't be long before you run out of room again, when they smell them cooking they will come running.

Congratulations, love the wheels.

Congrats man!!!! Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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