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Bringing a Lang 84 Back to Life.

Picked up this damaged Lang 84 kitchen model, a few months back, they let a fire get out of control ( Not cleaning after cooking)

With some help from some friends that know how to work and reshape steel, and added an axel and wheels and a toung (making it easyer to move)

Time for a test run to see if it will hold temp and cook!

I think I owe a couple of guys some Butts and a few cold beverages!

Crickey, those shots of the warped door and racks,  bugged eyed me big time.  nice restoration and some mighty fine looking testers, YUMMMMmmm

Brad Smith

Re: Bringing a Lang 84 Back to Life.

Very Nice work.  Hope it gives you years of good service.  I cant wait to get my 84 hopefully next week.

how did you fix the door?

i picked up a used 60 in similar shape.  got it sand blasted and cleaned, then repainted and seasoned.  i guess i didnt notice with all the rust, but i have a gap on both sides of the door, much like you show in the picture. not that extreme, id say 1/8-1/4".

how did you go about fixing the door? it kills me to see smoke rolling outa this 99% refurbished lang.  is this something i can do myself, or should i take it to a metal shop?

I'm guessing you are talking about the curved end of the door in the middle of the side, if there is not much heat escaping there is nothing to fear, a little smoke will seep out the sides at times. I always keep my smoke stack wide open so the smoke dose not linger in the cooking chamber.
If the crack is of a larger size you may find some heat seal stripping in the larger gaps. But get it cleaned up oil it up heat it up to season it, maybe smoke some leg quarters and see what it dose and we can go from there!!!

its actually on the top corners on each end.  its not really losing alot of heat, but i think it is making it difficult to even out the temps on each side.  would it make sense to get a torch and heat up the lid and try and bend it back a bit?  i will try some sort of gasket.  thanks

I would use a board  under the spot of what may be the bent spot and a hammer and lightly tap the corner and check often to see if it is coming in line better.
I would only us heat as a last resort because the heat will make the metal stretch and may not come back just right when it cools off! Forum Index -> Show us your pictures
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