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Beef Ribs (Dino Bones)

Yesterday, I cooked BEEF SHORT RIBS for the first time. I got the idea from Malcolm Reed (www.howtoBBQright - Big Boy Beef Ribs). I wanted the Dino Bones but they weren't available but Walmart had the smaller versions, which looked like pork ribs. My butcher told me he'd provide the Dino Bones if I provided some advance notice. Anyway, about 4 hours before the cook I seasoned them with veggie oil, a touch of whiskey & McCormick steak rub.

Malcolm suggests not removing the membrane -- he feels it holds the meat together - but with the smaller ribs I'm not sure what I'll do with the membrane next time. With the Dino Bones, I think I'll leave it because it won't get in the way since the meat is on top of the bone.

It is a very simple cook. I used Pecan and maintained an average 270* temperature over the 4 hour cook. At 175* internal I wrapped them in alum foil and added some beef broth. My wife added BBQ sauce to her's. I removed the ribs at 204* internal and placed them in a small cooler for about 45 minutes, with the lid open slightly so they don't continue to cook and then I stood them on end and cut between the bones.

I like the beef ribs better than the pork ribs because I think they have more flavor and definitely more meat but they can be much tougher if not cooked properly. In fact, I think they're better overcooked. A digital thermometer is a must have for this cook -- or any cook for that matter.

As an aside, this is the first cook since I added fire bricks to the top of my fire box. I already had fire bricks in the bottom of the fire box. At first I had an awful time controlling the temperature. It took off to to 306* to 310* and shutting one pin wheel and closing the other half way plus messing with the chimney damper didn't work. Finally, I got control of the temperature by placing the cook chamber lid at half latch. For future cooks, I'll start with 1/3 less fuel than I normally use. Additionally, I only had to add 4 coke can size pieces of Pecan and 1 handful of lump charcoal which I threw in only because I was at the bottom of the bag. If I ever buy another smoker it will have an insulated fire box. Forum Index -> Recipes
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