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Beef Ribeye Roast

Beef Ribeye Roast is on sale here and thinking about cooking in my 60D for Christmas.  Anyone have a good rub or recipe for cooking.  I would assume it will be about 5-7 lbs.

Thanks in advance.  COOKIN ON A LANG

There are many good rub out there you can buy, sometime you can spend a lot of money just buying all the different spices to make up a good rub. I like to Rub on  French's Worcestershire Sauce then put on a good thick coating of the rub of choice and smoke till internal temp of 145 to 155 for medium rear or medium, which ever your like and enjoy.
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Wood River BBQ Team

I cooked a 3 lbs boneless rib eye roast yesterday at 250 to 275 degrees usiing lump charcoal and pecan.  About 6 hours before the cook (overnight is better) I use a rub combination of veggie oil, worcestersire, Montreal steak spice, garlic powder and black pepper. I don't use salt because there's plenty in the worcestshire and Montreal and i don't want to overdo the salt. The rib eye is such a great piece of meat that you don't need to overdo the rub. I think the rib eye is better than prime rib. Once the cook starts, I mop (I use a spray bottle) every 30 minutes with a combination of apple juice, vegggies oil, worcestershire and cider vinegar. Again, I don't overdo it. Half way through the cook, at 100 degrees internal, I flip the meat to fat side up. When the internal temperature, using a digital thermometer, reaches 135 to 140 degress I take it off the smoker, double wrap with alum foil and place it in a cooler. I let it rest in the cooler and continue cooking for about 30 to 40 minutes.

I don't place the meat on the grill rack. I use a roast pan filled with water and wine with a rack on top of the pan.

Other listers might have other methods but the rib eye is a simple piece of meat to cook or ruin.!!

Try this sandwich with any left overs -- slice thin and and dip slightly in au jus and place on a onion roll with vadillia onion, horse radish and dijon mustard. Forum Index -> Recipes
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