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BBQ apps for phone

Hey guys. Ordered my custom built 72. I Will be getting it in a few weeks.  Trying to get ready.
Was wondering if anyone out there is using the Lang bbq app.  Or any suggestions on a good one to use for my phone?
Eddie Z

What are you looking to do?

To be honest!  not quite sure. Basics for now.  I got the 72 to ease into larger group cooks . Open to any suggestions as my cooks get bigger.

Temperature guide for doneness of various meats, poultry and fish.
Average cook times at temp guide for various foods.
approximate food needed for "x" amount of people.

And whatever else you think may be helpful.
Eddie Z

If you are on Facebook there are plenty of bbq pages many which have a files section for recipes and tips. Also many forums online and almost any question you can google. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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