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Baked Beans In The Deluxe Box

We are new to Lang smokers and therefore have a lot to learn.  We have the 36" Deluxe Hybrid.

One thing we would like to do is to bake beans in the deluxe box while the meat is smoking.

Does anyone else do this and if so, are there any tips or suggestions of which we should be aware up front?

My primary question is how long will it take a large pan of baked beans to cook, with the side box being around 175 degrees while the smoker is at 225?

Also, what other foods have you cooked in the side box while smoking in the main chamber and are there any interesting recipes?


I make them in the side box all the time, here is my favorite recipe in a link with instructions

The time and temp is in the link also. They are so good you can eat them cold for breakfast the next morning
Colonel Slow N' Low

Warmer box recipes:
  I do some cheese-stuffed jalapeņos in a Pyrex dish of olive oil.
  Warmer box ~ 125-150 degrees for ~ 30 mins.
  Cooking time depends on what type of cheese you use, temp of
  pit, etc. I put them on top of firebox inside warmer box.
  Let em get a little burnt before taking em out. Forum Index -> Ask for tips on cooking
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