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AZ BBQ Competition

A couple of weeks ago I attended a competition at a large RV dealership in Tucson. About 35 BBQ teams attended. I was hoping to see a Lang but there were none. Most folks were cooking on WSM's, Ugly Drums, pellet cookers and a few homemade units. There was one Myron Mixon cooker, which is a nice looking and very expensive unit. I forgot to note the team name so I don't know where the team placed.

My main reason for attending the event was to price a small "toy hauler" trailer. I've seen these self contained rigs at other competition and they sure beat a canopy set up and hauling stuff in a U Haul as I've done in the past. Turns out new "toy haulers" are not as cheap as I thought they'd be. I just want to compete in AZ so I have to think long and hard about this purchase and I'd have to locate a used toy hauler. Another thing I have to think about is the AZ BBQ Association, of which I'm a member, is telling it's members that AZ events are getting away from competition and more into festivals where folks cook and sell their products to the public that attend the event. I'm not sure I like that idea. It sounds to me like a concession stand. Maybe I'll just trash the whole idea and just cook for myself in the backyard. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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