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Any Langs in Louisiana or MS

I'm interested in getting a 36 but would like to look at one first.

New Orleans.  a 48 patio

How are you liking it? I want to pull the trigger on a 36 but for 1k i want to mKe sure ill love it.  I live on the Northshore btw.
Wood River BBQ Team

Beng wrote:
How are you liking it? I want to pull the trigger on a 36
but for 1k i want to mKe sure ill love it.  I live on the Northshore btw.

Beng: I understand where you're coming from but first of all you're going to pay more than $1000 for a Lang 36 (cost plus shipping). Looking at a Lang won't tell you anything. 95% of us bought our units sight unseen and a bunch of folks spent considerably more than $1500 (my cost) but we did our homework/research.  We read all the posts and viewed all the videos.  

All you need to know is that it's constructed of 1/4" steel and it's reverse flow -- 2 key elements. Review ALL the posts in every section of this forum site -- it's quicker and cheaper than traveling to view a unit -- and see if you can find ONE Lang owner who hates his Lang or feels it's a crappy cooker. Are there better constructed smokers on the market? Sure there are but for the money you'll spend on a Lang you won't go wrong.

Trust us, we won't steer you wrong!!

I like it.  If you're sure you want a stick burner then its a good choice.  Its a lot of work, so you need to understand what you're getting in to.  Its not a set it and forget it kind of thing.  The only reason you won't like it would be because you don't like babysitting it.

If you do want to get one, get the 48.  You'll be happy you went up a size and space should not be an issue for you.  It does just fine with my limited space.

I'm happy to talk to you about it, or let you check it out.

Thanks for the feedback!

Quick final question, did you take advantage of getting the warmer box? I've read mixed reviews on that some saying it gets too hot.

I did not, and I'm glad I did not.  At home I use it to warm up logs before adding them to the firebox.  At a contest or otherwise using it offsite I will use it to warm up sauces.  You can fit so much food in the 48 that I really have no need for the warmer box.  Besides, with my experience in vertical smokers I am leery of the warmer's functionality.  I would think that you'd need a water pan in there or something to stabilize that chamber temperature.  Otherwise, those levels will vary greatly in temperature. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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