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medic smoker

advice on a choosing a smoker!!!!

i am looking for a little advice and help on choosing a smoker.  I have an order in for a 36 hybrid, due to go on the production line in a few weeks.  I am starting to 2nd guess my choice. I don't really need the char-gril and have read bad reviews about it.  I also don't and the wife wont let me spend over 2000$.  i am cooking on a UDS I built a year or so ago for like 100$

So i am torn between the 36 patio deluxe or recently found 36 patio stretch deluxe, which i was quoted 1800$ today for.  I haven't found a lot of reviews or info on the 36 stretch, just a youtube video or two about it.  I called and talked to Ben, he said that the data is still out on the 36 stretch that is does not get real hot, not over 350 degrees.  I don't plan on cooking a ton of food. My plans for it is for it is to feed the family, host some parties 10-15 people, and eventually do a BBQ event soon.

What would the bbq brothers out there pick...? What are your thoughts on the 36 stretch?  does it burn alot of wood..?

Thanks for the help

48 on a trailer minimum, no chargriller and you will be happy, you want a grill too get a weber kettle, always go at least one size bigger than what you want now and keep it simple, you are buying a very good smoker. I have the warmer box but like you have never heard a good review of the chargril. the other part I cant help you with, my wife told me to get what I want. I am cheap, she had to talk me into it.

I was in a similar boat as you.
I originally ordered the lang 36 hybrid deluxe.
I also read the poor reviews on the chargriller and changed to the 36 stretch.
I did some more reading and changed to the lang 48 deluxe. The 48 will give me a 42"X22-1/4" cooking surface for a small pig. I really think the extra depth will be beneficial for my needs.

I suggest giving a hard look at the 48. That's my $0.02.
medic smoker

thanks for the advice. I am going to look at the 48 some more. I think i have made up my mind against the char-gril.

@animal, I am cheap as well, but i am not against paying for quality. My wife told me get what i want, but don't spend over 2000$. Smile  She is the CFO. Might be picking up a few extra shifts on the ambulance.

I have the 36 Hybrid and I do not use the chargrill that much at all.  If I had to do over would get a  48. with the option of the vent to the warmer box.

I wish I had known about the 36 stretch before I bought mine.  When I called to talk about different models, they didn't even mention that one.  I've only seen the same YouTube video, so I don't know much about it.  I suspect that I could cook a larger pig on it.

That being said, I went with the 48 patio.  I didn't want the warmer and in the 2 months that I've had it I've had no use for it.  I too would like to eventually do a contest, but a built in trailer would not be feasible where I live.  I had them replace the 4" casters with 8" tires.  They had to put a front axle and a wagon arm, but it works great.  Because the front is taken by the arm, I have half the table space.  I had them make the table collapsible.   The guy who delivered said you need the tires up front if you are going to take it on grass.

If you want to move it away from the house for a competition or just to take to another house, load it on a trailer.

The 48 is plenty of space for family or small parties.  I've cooked 6 BB racks on just the lower deck.  Fit a butt and a turkey.  Several chickens.  All of that has just to play on a Sunday and feed friends or neighbors.

Bottom line, I'm pleased with the 48 patio and believe that it was the perfect fit for what I need now, and will give me room to grow. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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