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A Lang 84 named Rosie...

Hey Ben and Jim,
Wanted to give you some feed back on how I am doing with my Lang 84 after a rocky start! I have also attached some pics as well.
From Clark McCrary: A pastor friend of mine!!! ( I named my Smoker, "ROSIE")

" A smoker named Rosie was smoking a pig, the jowls, the shoulders and butt. Along came preacher who wanted to teach'er the secrets of cooking and what...Said Rosie to the preacher, "I already know! And the details you tell me are moot...and further more preacher, this dear little creature is saying I don't give a toot!" THANKS CLARK!!! Smile

SUSAN PARKER ZAVELL-" All I can say is this: I grew up in Texas, the great State of Smoked BBQ, and THIS was some of the BEST smoked BBQ I have EVER had... and I have had a lot to compare to! Thanks for bringing this to Florence, I got a little taste of home tonight!"

MARK PALMER - Doug, the ribs were "falling of the bone good!" Ashleigh, my
7 year old, said they were yummy. Nataleigh (3) kept saying, "dad can I have some more chicken." Great food as usual. It's been 2hrs since lunch and we are all still lickin' our fingers.

RANKIN MILLER - A great BIG thank you Doug from all the Sanders family.
The Butt and the chicken were a huge success for our Mother's Day lunch.
That chicken, even the white meat, was so tender and juicy and you already know how much we love the Butt! Great!!!

MARK PALMER - Doug, the barbeque you did for the Church at Sandhurst luncheon was unbelievable! You should have seen the line at that table.
Thanks for sharing your talent.

KELLEY REGAN - " Doug, your food was a huge success! Everybody seemed to enjoy all of it. I can tell you that the folks at my table kept commenting on your BBQ Red Gravy. Not a drop of it left when all was said and done!!!
Chicken was delicious, mac and cheese just right, cole slaw delicious, Baked beans, etc.... we topped off the night with your peach cobbler ...
By the way, you really should market your "Liquid Gold" and BBQ Red Gravy!
They were awesome!!! I'll be your PR Person!"

catering smoked BBQ sandwich on King's Hawaiian Bread for dinner tonight, while watching the GOP Gubernatorial Debate! Totally Awesome...Republicans and Doug's Totally Smokin' BBQ!

KYJA LEE - Hey there! Our friends are here from St Louis and Phoenix, big carniverous men and big foodies, we always eat well when we are together and they LOVED the BBQ, in fact, they were telling another friend about it the next day, the sauce was a huge hit, they have raved about it, i really could have used 3 pans. And! I had leftover icing from the previous cinnamon rolls and was reduced to buying refridgerator rolls and heated your icing up and poured on them - your next marketable product - icing, D-e-l-i-s-h!! That icing would be good on cornbread, pizza, anything!
Thanks again for feeding our crowd.
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