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84 owners...need some help with decision

I spoke with them about building a 72... They said it would cost the same as the 84 because of the labor involved. The width would be the same as the 84 when rolled and they would cut the length down to size.
So I reviewed the 84 specs and noticed the bottom rack size is only 71.25 inches long. while the 60 is 62 inches long.
According to web page:
The 60 states it is 62 x 23
The 84 states it is 71.25 x 28.

Is that the actual bottom rack size of the 84? I figured it would be closer to 84 inches. I find it hard to believe that it is only 9.25 inches longer than the 60.
IF this is true should I really just consider the 84?

I would call them and ask about the 84 fat boy. Its still an 84" but the diameter looks to be a lot larger, enough for 3 shelves. Forum Index -> Ask about Lang Cookers
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